Welcome To Emily Main Photography

Welcome to my website! My name is Emily Main and I have been a freelance photographer since I was 21, that’s 10 years ago now :) I simply love photography and feel blessed that I can do this for a living. I have learnt so much over the years and I can confidently say I am now a very experienced in taking amazing photo’s that my clients are proud of.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a photographer I want to share helpful tips and advice from things I have learnt since I started. From which are the best cameras to use when starting through to a range of techniques and tricks for taking great photo’s.

Take Amazing Portraits with These Five Techniques

I love taking portraits!

One of the main reasons I got into photography was that I wanted to capture amazing personal moments for people. I remember the first portrait photo I saw was of my grandparents, it was black and white and I thought it was magical. Over the years I have learnt a lot about taking photos, mainly through the mistakes I made. Here I want to share my top five techniques I have learnt to get the most out of portrait photography.

1. Eye contact

Eye Contact

One thing that I have found to be extremely helpful is the aspect of eye contact. Eye contact can be just as engaging on camera as in real life. Holding a camera at eye level enables me to form a sort of connection with my subject. The gazes that we maintain evoke a memory and emotion that is almost indescribable. Though this feeling appeals to me, I have found that there are other ways I can play around with the idea of eye contact. At times, I ask my subjects to look off camera. Having the subjects focus on an unseen object creates a sense of intrigue for the viewer. The viewer finds themselves questioning the object that has sparked their attention. This interest is fuelled when the subject displays laughter or surprise. Another way I have manipulated the art of eye contact is through having the subjects look at something within the frame. The subject could be looking at an object, food or another individual. This creates interest and creates s story within the portrait.

2. Altering your perspective

Photo Perspective

As a photographer this is highly recommendable. While it is likely to take great shots while maintaining eye level with the subject, it may be too monotonous as well. Most portraits I have taken from different angles have shown me that changing perspective leads to astounding results. This adds a different feeling to portraits and makes them come alive. Different angles create interest. Aerial angles show the viewer what the subject is engaging in, their environment and could even give them a sneak peek into the subject’s way of thinking.

3. Lighting


Lighting is one crucial factor that affects how good the end result will look. Most times, too much lighting or too little could both cause crucial results. However, playing around with too much lighting or too little is not bad at all. Experimenting with different forms of lighting creates randomness in portraits. Silhouetting the subject can add a sense of mystery and make some of their features powerful while side lights create a certain mood. Different lights make the whole experience fun and create curiosity in the viewer.

4. Knowing your subject

Knowing Your Subject

Another one of the top five techniques I learnt for taking amazing Portraits is that I need to know and understand my subject. At the end of the day, how my viewers receive my work rests in the hands of my subject. It is important to form a relationship with them and understand their comfort zone. Once you have established this information, play around with different environments. For example, advise your subject to have fun in the portrait and do something outrageous. This will help photographers come up with out of the box ideas that will spark interest and appear unique as well.

5. Take several shots

The last technique I have leant is that one does not work from one or two shots. Taking several shots of the subjects is not only advisable but necessary. I have found that random untimely shoots have offered the best work for my portraits. Several shots at a time create a story of the subject. A static shot presents dullness, monotony and is boring. A series of shots will allow the photographer to capture untimely movements. These could be used to evoke a certain emotion in the viewer.

My Overview

These are the top five techniques I learnt for taking amazing Portraits. It is important to note that I am still learning and coming up with new techniques. This is something every photographer should do. Try and think out of the box. Creativity is never limited to a certain scale or degree. There are still so many other techniques that you can come up with for yourself. Practice those I have shared with you above and make yourself better with each shot.v